Senior Mechanical Engineer

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FRESH, our startup located in downtown Mountain View, is looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer (SME) who is eager to take the reins on multiple aspects of product design—including engineering, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing—for an exciting mass-market consumer healthcare product.

The SME will be responsible for leading the engineering and design of one or more critical subsystems of our product; s/he will work with expert clinical researchers and computational specialists, extracting learnings from their work and using it to drive a groundbreaking product design.


Here's what you'll be doing on day one:

  • Performing mechanical design: use 3D CAD (SolidWorks) to design, model, and detail parts, assemblies, and drawings for a new product

  • Managing outside vendors: work with expert consultants to leverage their knowledge and efficiently arrive at effective designs; work with quick prototyping facilities to create prototypes of designs; work with a contract manufacturer and other vendors to incorporate DFM feedback into the design

  • Testing: test and rapidly iterate prototypes, each time incorporating learnings from clinical studies and outside vendors into the design

  • Regulation: take clinical-studies-informed prototypes and prepare for clinical testing; research and meet necessary commercial or regulatory certifications

  • Production and process: create production-level drawings and process instructions; implement system part numbers, design revisions, and engineering controls

  • Leadership: generate and manage project schedule and budget estimates; interview, onboard, and mentor team members; assist in preparing presentations/demonstrations for VC financing rounds

  • Innovate: research new technologies and systems that could give future work a competitive edge 



  • Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering

  • 5+ years in consumer product development, with experience ushering multiple designs from concept to manufacturing

  • Experience collaborating with industrial and UX designers to incorporate their input into product design

  • Possesses a portfolio of work demonstrating hands-on involvement in the details of design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing

  • Experience using SolidWorks to design components, produce drawings, and build assemblies

  • Strong attention to detail and a dedication to craftsmanship

  • Solid communication skills: verbal and written, with experience presenting to internal and external stakeholders

  • Experience leading mechanical teams, hiring, and mentoring junior members